DJ ANTENNA is also called “The Entertainment Machine”, because he’s a unique one-man-show in Romania. Always a blast, always different. The type of ultra-energetic and technical DJ who makes you discover moves you didn’t know you had.

What music genre does ANTENNA go for? Anything that sounds good and moves bodies on the dance floor. He’s a true masterchef when it comes to mixing musical styles, which he serves hot and in generous portions, reaching everyone.

Surely you’ve danced to two favorite songs in one night. With ANTENNA, you can dance to them at the same time. Because in his hands, there’s nothing that doesn’t sound good over something else. This technique has earned him the title of king of mash-ups in some circles. And at an ANTENNA gig, you should also expect communication, as he’s among the few DJs who are also good with the microphone. Funnily enough, without shouting out dedications 😀

He’s been nicknamed BD at the Mountain and the Sea, specifically Bass Drop at the Mountain and the Sea, because he’s played music from glossy clubs on the Black Sea coast to boarder parties in the Alps. From underground clubs to echo-y festivals. He’s even made people dance in less usual places: on buses, trams, trains, or boats. Which makes sense, considering he ensures every set of his becomes a journey.

No matter how much you read about him, it can’t compare to the feeling when you’re dancing to his vibes. Because ANTENNA is a DJ you need to see to hear.