Biro Levente, known by his fans as ENEVEL, made a long-lasting impact in the bass music community during the past decade. Growing up in the heart of Romania, he was a regular at parties and raves in and around Sibiu feeding his passion for electronic and bass music.

It all began in 2009, when he started to organize high-school parties with his friends, and with their encouragement, decided to advance. In the beginning his playlists included mostly house and minimal music, until 2012 when he changed gerne and released two Dubstep mixes based on two UKF albums. Enevel started the Bass Trap Mix-series in 2013, which opened a new chapter of trap music in Romania, getting supported by All Trap Nation, Bass Turbat, Trap Music HD and Beast Trap. He has started playing music across the country from underground clubs to music festivals learning the psychology of the dancefloor and the mix alchemy as a DJ.

Years of deep fine-tuning to understand the science of sonics, he discovered dedication to craft his own sound. With promising opportunities, you can expect to see a lot more from him, both as a featured artist and live performer in the weekends to come.