GRAIU - CODRU Festival


A fusion in sound and spirit between oriental romances and African-American heritages, brought into the contemporary or about roots that branch as deep as they meet. Because speech is the basic element of language, the depository of our cultural roots, it does not show where we come from and yes, apart from language, speech is also music and song, mental and sound archetypes, they are ritual and catharsis, springing from the most visceral . and honest layer of our being. GRAIU organically reinterprets music in dialects from what some of us may have heard at school are the historical Romanian dialects (two of them on the verge of extinction): Aromanian, Megleno-Romanian, Istro-Romanian and, of course, Daco-Romanian (standard North-Danube Romanian), in a thematic and sonic mirror of traditional music in African-American speech before blues and jazz.