Mădălina Pavăl is a multifaceted artist who expresses her creativity through music and various artistic projects. Together with Alexei Țurcan, a talented producer and composer, they have created the Mădălina Pavăl Orchestra, a unique ensemble that blends traditional Romanian sounds with modern elements.

The orchestra focuses on exploring and reinventing classical musical textures, using instruments such as string quintets, harps, and flutes, combined with dance rhythms and the tribal force of alternative music. The result is a vibrant fusion that some might call world music, but for Mădălina and Alexei, it is an experience that evokes the cultural and geographical roots of Romania – Bucovinean, Moldovan, Southern Danube, and Balkan.

The Mădălina Pavăl Orchestra has released its latest album titled “ROIESC,” which follows the debut album “People Miss Each Other” (2019). “ROIESC” represents an evolution, a livelier and more fulfilled exploration of music and vibration. The album was recorded with an orchestra of 12 musicians and friends at the Unda Recording studio in Bucharest and was promoted through a courageous tour on Romania’s stages.

Their music treads unbeaten paths, incorporating myths, elements of nature, and the cosmos into lyrics that seem like enchantments and invitations to dance. With a deep respect for folklore and tradition, the Mădălina Pavăl Orchestra creates new songs inspired by contemporary culture but rooted in their country’s past and ingrained values.