CODRU Volunteers - CODRU Festival

CODRU Volunteers

In organizing a festival, you would think you take into account: the artists, the location, the stages, or other organizational elements. However, it’s the people who give them meaning/bring them to life, etc. The CODRU team enjoyed the involvement of 100 volunteers.

In reality, the initial thought brings us to VOLUNTEERS. They, the volunteers, are the first to arrive at the festival grounds, long before it starts, and the last to leave.

They are dedicated and passionate young people, always smiling, even after many hours of sleep deprivation.

More than 100 volunteers were with us again this year. Coordinating all the volunteers is not at all easy, but Mia, in her capacity as their coordinator, did a wonderful job. The departments were agreed upon, then they were divided according to everyone’s preferences, and later by time slots.

„ As a volunteer during the festival, as well as before it, I can only say that I had the best time, both through the camaraderie that formed among the volunteers and the amusing situations that arose in completing tasks. (…)

What I liked most about the volunteering experience is the opportunity to make new personal friendships, seeing it as a better opportunity to socialize, have fun, and meet new people. In addition to this, I managed to develop new skills, which, of course, could be useful to me.”

Is it worth mentioning that without them, the CODRU Festival 2022 would not have been possible?!